Pear Essentials cocktail

1.5 measures Whiskey
.5 measure Green Chartreuse
4 measures Pear Essentials

Ginger Pear cocktail

Kentucky Mule
1.5 measures bourbon
4.5 Ginger Pear

Pearfect Pie cocktail

1 measure Grand Marnier
5 measures Pearfect Pie
Heat up in a glass with an espresso wand

Hoppin’ Pear cocktail

All City Reservoir
4.5 measures Hoppin’ Pear
1.5 measures rye whiskey
3 dash bitters

Watermelon Pear cocktail

Mary Mix
1 measure tequila blanco
5 measures Watermelon Pear and muddled lime

Cranpeary Caramel cocktail

Auld Lang Syne
1 measure vodka
4 measures Cranpeary Caramel
1 measure tonic