Hello, and welcome to our new site, PearUpCider.com!

This Perry began as a weekend passion revolving around 5-gallon carboys and has moved to hundreds of gallons produced at once. One thing has stayed true; it’s a labor of love and respect for our family and our heritage. The company started out being called Neigel Vintners, homage to our Grandfather, whose orchard still produces the first crush of the new season.  Early forays into the cider market caused some confusion, with people being confused with the moniker “Vintners” asking “Do you have a Merlot?”  We transitioned to the initials (and acronym) NV (envy) Cider.  While this name hit the niche of being short and catchy, we saw ourselves being confused as a Nevada based company. This was pulling our brand away from our beloved North Central Washington roots. 

We have made the move to a name that gives respect to our grandfather and the family legacy of orchards and the rich agriculture of NCW.  Pear Up and PearUpCider.com is a new refreshing brand with a website that brings the feel of the company back home.  It lets everyone know that our Perrys are great at bringing things together.  Pairing family, friends, food, Perry, and more in good times and great taste is what our new name and our company is all about.